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Product Specifications:
- Low Insertion Tolerance
- Easy to handle
- Stable Environment
- Return Loss : PC>45 dB, APC>60 dB
- Insertion Loss : <0.3 dB
- Operations Temperature: -40C ~ 85C
- Storage Temperature: -50C ~ 85C
- Industry Standard: TA-NWT-001209

Ordering Information:
Product Code and Description:
- FOATT10DB; FO Attenuator SC/PC Plug-in Type, Metal 10DB

Fiber Terminal Boxes
- Used for wiring connection of the optic cable and fiber optic equipment.
- Used for protective connection of the optic cable and the pigtails;
- It suits to common optical fiber cable, also to band and bunchy optical cables fusion
- Adopt front door structure, fiber expansion, convenient deployment
- The splice tray can be taken out of the box to operate. It is easy to execute and maintain
- Set core wire or strengthen member, grounding reliable, protect safe.
- Adapters can be installed: FC, SC, ST, LC.

Ordering Information
Product Code and description:
- S-FTB4; Fiber Terminal Box 4 ports SC-LC simplex waterproof
- S-FTB8; Fiber Terminal Box 8 ports SC-LC simplex waterproof
- S-FTB12; Fiber Terminal Box 12 ports SC-LC simplex waterproof
- S-FTB16; Fiber Terminal Box 16 ports SC-LC simplex waterproof

AV Accessories including SC/PC Metal 10DB is available at Triple Com Antelias, Metn, Lebanon.

Triple Com SC/PC Metal 10DB is available at Triple Com in Antelias, Metn Lebanon


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Triple Com SC/PC Metal 10DB