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Mar Mikhael · Beirut
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Tiqany Mar Mikhael is located in Mar Mikhael Street, Beirut, Lebanon
Mar Mikhael
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Tiqany is a forward-thinking facility management company, established in Lebanon with a dedication to do whatever it takes in order to offer its clients an unrivaled quality of service.

Established by a team of experienced members in the fields of engineering, construction, consulting and maintenance, Tiqany ensures a wide scope of services and specialized solutions that meet the requirements of a broad range of clients.

Tiqany is a destination where expertise, diversity, research and innovation collide to deliver beyond traditional facility management.

Our mission is to save people time – the most valuable commodity in the world.

We are committed to constantly challenging ourselves in order to provide our clients with innovative and tailored solutions that ensure priceless services and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

We promise to do whatever it takes in order to satisfy your requests, and always attend to your needs with love and passion.

Expertise is the root of our work. We follow it in every endeavour, and push ourselves daily through research and development, in order to take facility management beyond its traditional aspects.

We believe in efficiency as a key to success. We use our resources and time in a well-studied manner, making sure that every minute and source of energy are spent in the right place.
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