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The LED Shop
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The LED Shop

Bechara El Khoury · Beirut
Lighting Stores
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The Led Shop Bechara El Khoury is located in GF, Malyeh Building, Bechara El Khoury Street, Beirut, Lebanon
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Bechara El Khoury
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The LED Shop is one of the first-rate companies that supply LED lighting items, equipment and screens. Our main focus is to deliver high-end products, for outdoors and indoors, eco-friendly, at very reasonable prices.

Within the fast running crowd in the market, the LED shop has created itself a unique spot, by supplying the widest selection of LED lights, with the ideal value, and by replacing incandescent bulbs everywhere. Moreover our LEDs don't release heat, don't break and don't explode.

Furthermore here is how we help you save your money:
- Saving on the Power Company meter cost since you will be using much less amperage.
- Saving on copper wires cost, since you will be using thinner wires than needed for incandescent lighting.
- Saving on monthly power company bill.
- Saving on standby generator cost or rent and its daily maintenance.
- Saving on replacement cost of burned lamp and labor.
- Saving on air conditioning costs since LEDs emit much lower heat than incandescent bulbs.
- Saving on solar panels cost if using solar energy is used to light up your house, office, plant, street, etc...
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