L'Action 1 Minute Solution Nail Repairer - 8.5ml

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L'Action 1 Minute Solution Nail Repairer - 8.5ml
� Invisible nail polish repairs broken and torn nails.
� Keeps nails long, strong and pretty while they regrow.
� Reinforces the nails to help prevent future breakages.
� Quick drying, practical, can be applied anywhere.
� Instant Results.

The L'Action Paris Nail Repairer instantly repairs, protects and reinforces your broken nails to prevent future breakages. It�s strong and effective formula keeps your nails long and pretty until they grow again.

Quick drying with an immediate impact, the invisible nail repairing polish is so practical can be applied anywhere - the perfect product for your handbag. No need to wait until you're home to file or cut your broken nails, this Nail Repairer will make painful and frustrating broken nails a thing of the past.

Breakages and tears are repaired immediately.

The L�Action Paris Nail Repairer fixes the broken or torn area, and helps the damaged nail grow back healthy, sturdy and strong. Quick drying, practical invisible nail polish.

Active ingredients:
Copolymers Filmogen Agents - perfectly restores cracked, split, or broken nails. .

Apply a thin coat over the entire nail for a smooth, even effect. Leave to dry before applying your usual nail varnish. Re-apply as necessary.
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