Attitude Dishwasher Eco Pouches Detergent - 26pcs

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Attitude Dishwasher Eco Pouches Detergent - 26pcs
What goes down the drain today is what we’ll be drinking tomorrow. Most municipalities filter waste water before pumping it back into the rivers and lakes they source from. That’s why ATTITUDE’s Dishwasher Eco-pouches are phosphate-free and worry-free — meaning we only use hypoallergenic, plant- and mineral-based ingredients that are as safe for your family as they are for the environment.

We promise to use only the safest and purest ingredients.
Sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, oxygen-based bleaching agents (sodium percarbonate), sodium silicate, vegetable non-ionic surfactants, enzymes.

Use one pouch per load. Do not unwrap or puncture pouch. Place pouch in main dispenser cup and close immediately. Handle with dry hands only. Keep box tightly sealed in a dry place
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