Yotuel All In One Whitening Toothpaste - Wintergreen, 75ml

Oral Care
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Yotuel All In One Whitening Toothpaste - Wintergreen, 75ml
Daily tooth hygiene toothpaste
YOTUEL all in one is the first Whitening Toothpaste with daily-use carbamide peroxide that helps protect the enamel from the aggressions of modern life.

It repairs the exterior and interior of the enamel, while remineralizing it and preventing tooth decay and erosion.

Microscopic studies show that, after applying the patented combination of Yotuel all.in.one, the hardness of the enamel is enhanced thanks to the combination of its active ingredients.

With a delicate flavor to Wintergreen.

This is a Toothpaste that has a complete formula with Xylitol, Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphates reduces the erosive impact produced by isotonic drinks, soft drinks and juices.

YOTUEL all in one with Carbamide Peroxide, the whitening agent used by dentists, whitens your teeth by releasing microparticles of active oxygen and everything you need to get the best whitening and repair enamel.

Yotuel all in one Wintergreen is a whitening toothpaste that offers high performance if the reason why our teeth are not white is due to the dyes made by tobacco and coffees, teas, wines and some foods rich in coloring.
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