Russell Hobbs Explore Citrus Press

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Russell Hobbs Explore Citrus Press
Whether you want a glass of pure orange, or lemon juice for a recipe, our Explore Citrus Press is designed to extract maximum amounts of juice out of any citrus fruit.
Use the larger cone for oranges and grapefruits; the smaller cone for lemons and limes. Simply press the fruit onto the cone and the activated self-reversing action will automatically turn the cone, channelling juice down the grooves, to pass through the pulp control area.

Do you like your juice with bits or without? Now you can have as much or as little pulp as you like, thanks to the adjustable pulp control. Slide the switch either way, to prevent or allow pulp from passing into the 1 litre capacity jug.
Our citrus press is also BPA free, with dishwasher safe parts. Whats more, weve limited the number of individual parts, to make cleaning quick and easy as possible.

1L capacity
For all types of fruits
Includes clear lid
2 cones (large and small)
Adjustable pulp control
Improved motor
East care and clean

Russell Hobbs Explore Citrus Press is available at Velocity in Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon.
Hamra · Beirut
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