Ariete Mixi Orange

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Ariete Mixi Orange
Mix? is the new automatic wireless mixer, which makes even the most elaborate dishes simpler. Mixi mixes the food alone: no more food stuck to the pot, never the effort of having to stir continuously. Thanks to its long life battery, it prepares polenta, risotto, ragu, bechamel, cream, jam ... and everything that needs to be stirred continuously. It has two selectable speeds and it can be adapted to any pot, both in height and width: just clip it to the pot, put the recipe ingredients and let it stir: Mix? prepares any dish without having to mix. Easy to use, disassemble, clean and store, Mix? is your new indispensable collaborator in the kitchen!

Long battery life (approximately 2 hours)
On-Off Button
Adjustable height
Adjustable width
Cordless operation
Rechargeable battery
Completely dismountable.

Ariete Mixi Orange is available at Velocity in Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon.
Hamra · Beirut
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