Triple Com 8 Schuko Outlet, 32A; IP

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Triple Com 8 Schuko Outlet, 32A; IP
PDU 8 Shucko outlet, 32A; IP:

- Total Load Current
- Input Voltage
- Total Power (kW)
- Total energy consumption (kWh)
- Temperature/Humidity (Max 1 T/H sensor)

- Set the email alarm address
- Set the threshold of total load current
- Set the threshold of temperature / humidity
- Set HTTP
- Set SNMP(v1)
- Set network parameters(IP, gateway, subnet mask, DNS)

User defined alarm:
- Threshold of total current is exceeded
- Threshold of temperature and humidity

System Default:
- When overload occurs
- When threshold of temperature and humidity is exceeded

Alarm Method:
- Buzzer beeping
- Send E-mail to administrator automatically
- SNMP sends trap alarm information

- User Management: Single user, user name and password configurable
- Access Method: - Web based, access via IP
- SNMP v1
- Daisy Chain: Support daisy chain (1 Master, Max. 4 Slaves
- Software System: Support web browsers like IE, Firefox, and Google etc.
- Input Terminal Type: IEC60309 2P+E 32A plug
- Outlet Standard: DIN49440 16A Socket
- Display: LCD, display input voltage, total current, total power (kW), energy consumption(kWh) and IP
- Type: 19 inch
- Socket Quantity: 8 way
- Rating Voltage: 250V AC 50/60 Hz
- Rating Current: 32A
- Safety Authentication: CE
- Logo: ROHS
- Product Size: LxWxH 827x68x44.4 mm
- Case Length: 3 m
- Case: Black
- Cable Specifications: 3x6.0mm�x3m

Plugs & Cords including 8 Shucko outlet, 32A; IP is available at Triple Com Antelias, Metn, Lebanon.
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