Triple Com Free Standing Cabinets - 24U

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Triple Com Free Standing Cabinets - 24U
Product Specifications:
- Comply with ANSI/EIA, RS-310-D; IEC297-2; DIN41491: PART1; DIN41494: PART7; GB/T3047.2-92 standard, compatible with 19in international standard, metric system and ETSI standard.
- Height: 24U
- Frame is made of double pipes profile and connected by special three. 14 profiles (patent) welds the frame, may select the assembling structure load bearing, dead load reaches 800kg.
- Static loading capacity is 1000Kg.
- Front glass door with single or double design is 5mm toughened safety glass inlayed in a metal frame and double open vented rear door, ventilation rate is more than 75%.
- High quality cold rolled steel sheet materials, the thickness is: corner edge 2.00 mm, others 1.2~1.5mm welded structure.
- Surface treatment: degreasing, pickling, phosphate, powder coating,
- Color: black
- A flexible combination of vented doors with glass doors or steal plain doors.
- Removable side doors, door could be two parts or three parts structure also.
- Castors and feet installed at the bottom, easy to fix and move.
- Front door can be opened either from the right side or from the left side. Top cable entry with plastic covers.
- The front and rear door angle can be opened at 130 degree.
- Vertical wire manager with Hinges for all 80 width cabinets.
- Packaging: flat or assembled.

FS 60 Width Series:
- Model/Height; 24U/1.2M
- Order Code (W*D mm); Cab246060; 600*600
- Order Code (W*D mm); Cab246080; 600*800
- Order Code (W*D mm); Cab246096; 600*960

FS 80 Width Series:
- Model/Height; 24U/1.1M
- Order Code (W*D mm); Cab248080; 800*800
- Order Code (W*D mm); Cab248096; 800*960

Vented Doors:
Product Code and description:
- DRVD428/2; 47/42U 80 Width Single/Double Vented Door
- DRVD426/2; 47/42U 60 Width Single/Double Vented Door
- DRVD376/2; 37/32U 60 Width Single/Double Vented Door
- DRVD378/2; 37/32U 80 Width Single/Double Vented Door
- DRVD276/2; 27/24U 60 Width Single/Double Vented Door
- DRVD278; 27/24U 80 Width Single Vented Door
- DRVD226; 22/18U 60 Width Single Vented Door
- VSD4296; Vented Side Panel for 42U 96cm Depth

Product Code and description:
- DRFU2LN; Fan Unit with 2 fans for 60 depth
- DRFU2LN-T; Fan Unit with 2 fans for 60 depth w/ thermostat
- DRFU4T-19in; 19in Fan Unit 4 fans w/ thermostat
- DRFU2T-19in; 19in Fan Unit 2 fans w/ thermostat
- DRFU4LN; Fan Unit with 4 fans for 80&96 depth
- DRFU4LN-T; Fan Unit with 4 fans for 80&96 depth w/ thermostat

Product Code and description:
- DRSS10/8/6; Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf for 960/800/600 Depth
- DRKT; Keyboard sliding shelf
- CANSHLF30; 19in Cantilever Shelf 35cm 1U
- DRFS10/8/6; Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf for 960/800/600 Depth
- DRFS10/8/6-19in; 19in inch Fixed Shelf for 960/800/600 Depth
- DRW2U-LCK; 19in inch Drawer 350 depth w/ lock

Assorted accessories:
Product Code and description:
- BLNK PNLV; Blank Panel 1/2/3/4/5U Vented
- BLNK PNL; Blank Panel 1/2/3/4/5U
- CABBRUSH; Brush For cable entry
- CABLGTLED; LED Light for cabinet 3W no Heat dissipation
- Castorstop; 2in inch Castors with brakes
- Screws&Nuts; Screws and Nuts (Pack of 50)

Computer Accessories including Free Standing Cabinets 24U is available at Triple Com Antelias, Metn, Lebanon.
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