Nada Debs Funquetry Small Pencil Holder

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Nada Debs Funquetry Small Pencil Holder
The Pleated wood with marquetry strips creates a backdrop for pencils and cards.

Dimensions: Small W22 x D3 x H1.5
Material: French Oak/American Walnutt
Color: Natural
Pattern: Marquetry

handmade + heartmade

The NADA DEBS mission is to celebrate Eastern craftsmanship through contemporary design. It is about reintroducing and reinterpreting local design by mixing Middle Eastern craft with Far Eastern sensibility, resulting in a fusion of East and East. New material versus traditional techniques result in innovative local craftsmanship with a strong design element. The quest for reviving and evolving our artistic heritage reflects the spirit of the 'local in the global' and the 'global in the local' otherwise dubbed as glocal. We like to bring awareness not only to the handmade, but also to the heartmade. It is the hand that makes what the heart creates. By emphasizing the spiritual importance of creating with one's hands, the hand becomes a storyteller that guides us to preserve our narrative. With this in mind, we continue to push the boundaries of innovative craft.

It is what we love to do.
Nada Debs
Nada Debs
Gemmayze · Beirut
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