Coverguard Polena Waistcoat Navy Blue

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Coverguard Polena Waistcoat Navy Blue
Coverguard Workwear offers you a wide range of high-performance, versatile, comfortable and aesthetic workwear at the best value for money. Adopting a Coverguard product means choosing a professional brand that can bring you safety and well-being on a daily basis.
The special features of the Coverguard Workwear equipments make it unmatched in any activity, for example with multiple pockets, tool pockets, kneepads and removable sleeves. Find a wide selection of professional workwear like our trousers, suits or work jackets for a casual look and sportswear.

Available sizes: M (5POLBM), L (5POLBL), XL (5POLBXL), XXL (5POLBXXL)
Color: Navy Blue

- Outshell : 35 % cotton / 65 %
polyester 245G/M)
- Lining: 100 % polyamide
- Padding: 100 % 200 g/m) polyester
- Closing by zipper up to the neck with snap-fastener flap
- Mao collar with 2 snap fasteners flap
- Elastic braided armholes inside
- Back protection
- Tightening waist: elastics on sides
- 2 pockets at the bottom, with flap and snap fasteners
- 2 pockets at the bottom, resthand with flap
- 1 pocket at the top, with gusset and snap fasteners
- 1 pocket at the top, horizontal with zipper
- 1 pocket at the top for mobile
- 1 inside pocket for portfolio with Velcro

- Good insulation against cold
- Closing to the top of the collar
- Elasticated armholes
- Back protection
- Tightening waist
- Many pockets

- Cold places
- Outdoor jobs

This waistcoat is in conformity with aplicable provisions of Annexe II, at the end of book III, Title I of fourth part of 2Code du travail2 and with article R 4312-23 of the same Code and, with the European standard EN340 in accordance with Article R4311-12 of the same Code.

Coverguard Polena Waistcoat Navy Blue is available at Mansour Est. Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon.
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