Brevi Koala Baby Carrier

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Brevi Koala Baby Carrier
Soft-padded shoulder straps and backrest adjust both the width and length of the baby carrier
Easy hook up points with safety clasps
Padded backrest and seat to give soft support and to grant stability for the baby’s back when it is carried facing mother
The toweling bib prevents the baby’s mouth from coming into contact with the adult’s clothes
Padded head rest to protect the baby’s head
With fabric front loop for comfortable resting of the parent’s hand
Position facing parent up to 6 months, allows very close physical contact
Position facing forward from 6 months, allows the baby to interact with what is going on around him

Practical and functional, with soft padded, adjustable shoulder straps to make it safe and comfortable for parents and child. With waist belt to adjust the carrier width and length

Complies with EN 13209-2 – Age group: from birth (min. 3,5 kg) up to 9 months (9 kg)

Brevi was founded in 1954 by Giuliano Brevi, who had a passion for plastic and metal processing, in collaboration with his brothers, Attilio and Romano. The company stemmed from an idea: making childcare products, such as high chairs and beds, no longer with wood, but with plastic and metal. The founder’s creativity led to the development of an entrepreneurial activity based on innovative style and products, which have been part of parents’ everyday lives for generations

Brevi Koala Baby Carrier is available at Kaya Kids Space in Jounieh, Keserwan, Lebanon.
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