Nuna Zaaz High Chair

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Nuna Zaaz High Chair
Grows with child
Evolves with baby to big-kid size
Removable tray & arm bar
Three or five point harness
Gliding lift mechanism

Join the table & enjoy

Big eater. Messy eater. Playful eater. It's all good with ZAAZ at the table.

The moment they're ready, you can be ready for them. ZAAZ is more compact than most high chairs, so it's easier to slide right up to the table. And since food is to kids what paint was to Picasso, we've made sure it's super easy to clean. Wipe ZAAZ down or just remove the parts and pop them in the dishwasher.

Less clean up time. More time to play.

Smart design:
Customize the ZAAZ to any size, height or amount of wiggles
Hidden lift mechanism adjusts height easily and lets baby join in at the table
Unique air foam cushion fits each chair and pads both small and bigger bottoms
No-crevice design outwits crumbs and cleans up like a dream
Removable plastic components are dishwasher safe
Made of high quality materials and is bpa, pvc and dehp free
Five or three point anti-loop harness, featuring quick click release button

We are Nuna!
Family is where our story begins.

How do we give baby a spot at the table? Answering that led us to design our first ever product-the ZAAZ high chair-launched in 2007. We're a global brand with roots in Amsterdam. The practical side of family life is a constant source of inspiration to us. Raising little ones is immensely rewarding and demanding, often at the same time. And it isn't all about the children either. Our own adventures in parenthood have shown us that practical and beautiful is the perfect balance when it comes to gear. There's nothing we appreciate more than clever design-thoughtful solutions-that bring us a sense of joy.

Designed around your life.

Three words we live by. If something is easy to use, you use it. If it looks good too, you'll love it. Nuna baby gear is manufactured mindfully. And rock-solid engineering make our products stand up to some of the toughest testing in the industry. And beyond. With many of our products designed to grow with your child, this isn't just baby gear. This is premium baby gear you and yours can trust for years to come.

Thoughtful design is important to us. From the lightweight carry cot that clicks quickly into place. To the luxuriously soft Dream drape that pulls down oh-so-silently so as not to disturb baby's slumber. Or car seats that keep pace with the speed at which your child grows!

Family & new life
Each and every one of our products is designed to make the practical side of family life that much easier. After all, why miss a lunch date, or a play date, just because you're wrestling with complicated or heavy equipment?

Nuna Zaaz High Chair is available at Kaya Kids Space in Jounieh, Keserwan, Lebanon.
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