Chicco Stay Warm Plate 2 In 1

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Chicco Stay Warm Plate 2 In 1
Maintains the temperature of its contents.
-Ideal from 6 months.
-0% BPA.
-Washable in dishwasher..
-Suitable for microwave ovens.

Double plate consisting of base with hot water tank and bowl.

The capacity of the dishes is studied according to the baby's nutrition.

Hot pot.
The bottom dish, thanks to the presence of a water tank, can be filled with hot water and helps keep the milk warm for longer.

Fast cooling.
In the upper dish, the food can be cooled quickly thanks to its cooled space.

Non-slip base.
The ergonomic shapes and non-slip base make it easy and simple to use.

Spoon support.
Both dishes have a comfortable spoon support area..

Colorful plate.
Funny graphics that stimulate appetite and imagination..

Chicco has become a household name for parents across the United States thanks to products like our #1-rated KeyFit Infant Car Seat, but did you know that we are an Italian brand with sixty years of worldwide expertise in everything for baby?

Chicco was founded in 1958 by an inventor and developer of pharmaceutical devices named Pietro Catelli. After the birth of his son, Mr. Catelli expanded his work into the world of baby products and dedicated himself to creating better solutions for parents and babies. Since then, Chicco has grown into a global brand with a presence in 120 countries, offering everything from baby gear to nursing, toys, apparel, shoes, and baby care products.

Wherever There's a Baby you can find Chicco. We are committed to meeting the needs of children and bringing happiness to families all over the world.

Chicco Stay Warm Plate 2 In 1 is available at Kaya Kids Space in Jounieh, Keserwan, Lebanon.
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