ACDelco Car DEX-COOL Antifreeze

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ACDelco Car DEX-COOL Antifreeze
ACDelco is renowned globally for the strength and depth of its oils, lubricants and chemical range. Containing in excess of 225 references, it is a product range that takes in the latest fully synthetic engine oils, not to mention mineral oils, transmission and gear oils. Also available are specialist long drain diesel oils that continue to become more and more popular amongst heavy duty and truck users. ACDelco can also offer 'harder to find' products like 2 stroke smokeless oils. In addition to offering a wide range of premium quality lubricants, most products are available in 1, 4, and 205 litre variants to provide a total solution whether used in a workshop or retail environment.

Sitting within ACDelco's umbrella product group of fluids comes a high quality range of antifreeze/coolants. Specifically formulated to meet the demands of many of today's vehicle applications, all products are proven to deliver optimum performance across a wide temperature range as a means of providing year all year protection. What's more, customers can choose from a number of varying container sizes.
Conventional and DEX-COOL are available in 100% concentrated and 50% pre-diluted form. Classic green coolant is available in 33% concentrated form. The color of the coolant is represented by the bottle cap.

DEX-COOL Antifreeze:
ACDelco DEX-COOL Antifreeze is used as a cooling and heat transferring fluid in combustion engines. DEX-COOL is an ethylene glycol based fluid that provides maintenance-free protection against freezing and boiling as well as corrosion. Extended coolant life, often for the whole life of the engine or vehicle, is obtained through the use of virtually non-depleting corrosion inhibitors.

DEX-COOL advantage over conventional antifreeze is:
-Five years/150,000 Km service interval
-More compatible with water pump seals
-Superior protection in high operating temperatures
-Prevents overheating and boilover
-Provides effective, long term corrosion protection for aluminum, solder, and brass. In addition, DEX-COOL reduces wear and allows thinner protective coatings on metallic surfaces to improve cooling

ACDelco supplies parts for all makes and models of vehicles currently on the road, such as: Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes-Banz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, GMC, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia and Mazda.

ACDelco Car DEX-COOL Antifreeze is available at Kamal Hibri Bechara El Khoury, Jnah, Tallet El Khayat, Beirut; and Ghobeiry, Baabda, Lebanon.
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