Online Multipurpose Table With Castors

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Online Multipurpose Table With Castors
Meet the style with versatility at Fleifel with our multipurpose tables. We are providing ideal multipurpose tables for clever minds. We are combining your knowledge with our Values to give you highly affordable and adjustable multi-purpose tables. Also, we have a huge range of Cafeteria and Coffee tables.

Tables with flip tops and castors are the ideal solution to many possible scenarios. This particular frame on castors allows the highest flexibility. You can move the table freely, close it and store it as required. You can arrange and re-arrange the best configurations for every purpose from a meeting to a conference area, from a training to a working area. Special attachments and corner tops make it possible to join tables together to create linear, U-shaped or closed configurations. This is a simple, versatile and functional table to make the most of multi-purpose settings.
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