Hk85 Aluminum Wall Partition

Office Furniture
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Hk85 Aluminum Wall Partition
Fleifel has many concise and light style operative desk series.The brief line as well as modern color create a vivid and fresh office. In order to adapt to the international trend of office, changing work form flexibly, updating our working is also one of our point of strength in research and development of melamine products. Fleifel operative desks collection can change easily according to the need of work, help staff to inspire their Work Inspiration, and Improve the Satisfaction of office products.

HK85 System is a sturdy and innovative system to create transparent division of space in work zones. HK85 System is designed in the puritan's view where any ornament is avoided, but all joints are presented as themselves. Within the same language, door systems with hinges and sliding mechanisms are introduced. The sliding mechanism is detailed in a \state of the art\" level where each opening and closing is controlled in a unique & soft touch. The system is constructed on a unique aluminium extruded base and covering lids that provide the simplicity and are patented in design. The inner core is another registered detail providing the levelling as well as connection of all panels as glass or wood composites. This connector part is produced in PA6GF (Glass reinforced Polyamide).
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