Soft Chrome Frame 3 Seater Office Sofa

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Soft Chrome Frame 3 Seater Office Sofa
Take the time to enjoy our well made office sofa and let our ergonomic designs help you relax in face of the stress at work. Your comfort is what matters most to us. Our Office sofas collection range from classic to modern sofas with different finishes such as fabric, artificial leather and Italian genuine leather. Browse our selection to find more about our products.

Fine details sharpen the simple geometry of the soft sofa, with bent steel lending a visual counterpoint to the soft sitting surfaces. Lounge chairs, sofas, and settees, along with coffee tables, are comfortable together, creating a unified aesthetic and an appealing focal point in lobbies, lounges, waiting areas, and community places.

Dimension: 1800x690x720 mm (width x depth x height) / SH:440 mm
Net weight: 39 kg
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