Invicta Pizza And Bread Oven

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Invicta Pizza And Bread Oven
Invicta wood oven / bread oven collection. Opting for a wood oven / bread oven is a well-accepted choice, commensurate with the elegance of your outdoor space and the refinement of your cooking.

You can install it near the swimming pool, in the corner of a patio, along an unused wall or even choose a hanging model which can be hooked onto a support, giving your property a contemporary look.

A traditional oven
A wood oven / bread oven is a traditional oven with a baking chamber entirely made of cast iron. Heat is transmitted quickly and evenly with the smoke being expelled from the top via a chimney without coming into contact with food. This is the dome-shaped design, specific to this oven: in fact, this shape means a totally natural fan-type heat can be obtained. Food is perfectly cooked and does not burn.
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