Traforart Corten And Cast Barbecue

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Traforart Corten And Cast Barbecue
All metal fireplaces produced by Traforart have always been designed to offer the greatest possible heat without reducing the fire view.
The application of double combustion, the use of the most resistant materials (steel, smelted metal, vitroceramic glass, heat-resistant lacquers) and the development of the most traditional and daring designs has led Traforart to becoming the manufacturer with the most models and solutions on the market.
The heat from your fireplace will accompany you everywhere. Make it so the fire is also a beautiful show.
Trusting in us is a sign of a good choice.

With more than 40 years dedicated exclusively to the world of household fire and as pioneers in the development of metal fireplaces, we have the strength and know-how to launch new models, offer new finishes and evolve the shapes.
We're designers. We're manufacturers.
We take care of our products from the original idea all the way to installation.

Our line of fireplaces designed with airtight combustion chambers and lined with an outer double chamber allow for hot air circulation (convection) and increase the heat output all while providing a lower outside temperature than is possible with the use of RAL lacquers and other finishes.
Technical enhancements to offer incredible designs adapted to different atmospheres.
Design and technology. Efficiency and personality.
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