Invicta Outdoor Wood Fire Pit

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Invicta Outdoor Wood Fire Pit
Wood-burning stoves - an ecological system creating a unique atmosphere
Wood-burning stoves have been riding the crest of the wave in the past few years and have proved extremely popular in France where people have simply fallen for this type of heating system with significant benefits. Both efficient and practical, the stoves have become veritable heating solutions. Their owners are also able to make real energy savings.

Wood-burning stoves function with the leading renewable source of energy in France: wood biomass. This heating system is ecological and creates a unique atmosphere, with a gain in thermal comfort.

There are two possible uses for wood-burning stoves, each of them tailored to a specific need:

- the use of wood-burning stoves by home owners or tenants wishing to use this material as their main heating
- or the use of a wood-burning stove as an extra heating system.
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