Afire Bioethanol Wallmount Fireplace

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Afire Bioethanol Wallmount Fireplace
Automatic Bioethanol Fireplace: a new Smart Design Generation

An AFIRE electronic and remote controlled ethanol fireplace with automatic ignition and safety detectors is more innovative and is smarter than all the others. Make no mistake, AFIRE bio fireplaces are bring together both technology and design. Traditional wood or gas rustic fireplaces tend to disappear to make way for a new generation of exclusive items: wall mounted fireplace, table fireplace, free standing fireplace, bio fireplace embedded into the floor or in furniture, modern and design double sided ethanol fireplace, corner fireplace, luxury fireplace TV set...

AFIRE's high quality collection "smart ethanol fireplace with remote control"�bring meaning and well-being. Fireplaces are elegant, refined, and contribute to the decoration of indoor spaces in complete freedom (installing pipe exhaust fumes is not necessary). To create this magic of fire, just press the remote control, and ignition is done automatically and in complete safety...

Never have fire spaces been more flexible and design. Modern bio fireplaces can be hung on the wall, put on furniture, and even embedded. The LOFT range has a concept with a unique design!

LOFT Intelligent Bio Fireplace

SASA ethanol wall fireplaces, a timeless geometric decoration that comes in several sizes: from the classic remote controlled living room wall fireplace to the XL fireplace model for large spaces.

Wall Mounted Fireplace

LOU living room coffee table fireplace: delicate and minimalist lines with touches of smoothness for a true firestorm of sensations. An ethanol fireplace table to enjoy a coffee or cocktail with family and friends...

LOU Coffe Table Fireplace

A maximum view of fire with the flames being reflected in the brushed stainless steel. The ARCH lords over your living space with flames that are visible from all sides. A free standing ethanol hearth with an large fire insert.

ARCH Free-Standing Fireplace
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