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Invicta Closed Fireplace
Fireplaces with inserts or closed hearths are still major classics in terms of woodfired heating. This system is both economical and ecological, at the same time providing particularly pleasant heating comfort.

Not forgetting the "fire" atmosphere which is still a major plus point for fireplaces with hearths or inserts, giving this unique, convivial atmosphere to your interior.

Analysing your needs. When you decide to have a fireplace or insert installed in your home, start by analysing your needs. If you are dreaming of an open fire, you should be aware that a fireplace atmosphere will be ideal but that this system is not considered a method of heating in view of its low performance - only between 10 and 15% - and considerable atmospheric pollution. This being said, many people enjoy the authenticity of an open fire, which can be used as an extra form of pleasant heating in a well-insulated home, with an efficient main heating system.
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