Fathalla Industries Maxivision Transparent Security Roller Shutters

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Fathalla Industries Maxivision Transparent Security Roller Shutters
The clear differency:
MAXIVISION, new generation of transparent roller shutters, patented, is composed by large transparent polycarbonate elements, worldwide unique, offering a panoramic vision of shops.
MAXIVISION, is designed to provides a secure clear view, enables to advertise your products and to show off shop window displays all times by offering up to 95 % vision, without sacrifying the security and durability.
Transparency and views are really incomparable, maximum and crystal clear during day and night maximizing the commercial architecture.
With its fantastic see-trough effects and outstanding appearance, the fronts are chic and the stylish design combines a very high level of security. MAXIVISION, fit in perfectly with the beautiful looks of shops.

Design Information and measurements:
MAXIVISON transparent shutters, is constructed from 3 mm thick UV stabilized protected polycarbonate links which joint together with heavy duty aluminium tubes and bottom bar.
With 95 % of transparency and daylight transmitting trough the opening, MAXIVISION does not discolour, remains clear for many years with excellent visibility and high esthetical value offering night time shopping opportunities.
MAXIVISION is the effective solution providing at the same time elegance, transparency and protection.
MAXIVISION doors are manufactured for each measurement up to 12 M width and 6 M high in one panel, offering minimum enrolment and extreme security. It can be divided into few panels if you order.

Technically advanced and sophisticated:
Innovation MAXIVISION + : in variant with MAXIVISION +, an additional intermediary position with perforations integrated in the hinges, has been developed for ventilation and smoke ejection. The polycarbonate is fire retardant with no flame spread and low toxicity.
The closing position similar to the standard model in which links are joined and blocked for maximum security, is maintained.
The versatility of MAXIVISION replies to all customers expectations insuring silence, efficiency and robustness.

Maxivision is available in transparent, frosted and transparent color versions.

Operation Mode:
Maxivision transparent roller shutter, is available for each size only in motorized version with emergency cranck and key switch. It can be powered by tubular motor, axial or block motor.

Maximum impact resistance and crystal clear security:
The design construction of the standard model with totally flat armour, gives the best security and is used to keep out intruders and vandals.
MAXIVISION is made of special top grade polycarbonate links built in brick formation making it extreme secure with a maximum flexibility. MAXIVISION� Standard can only bend, but cannot crack or break.
Stronger than steel shutters, MAXIVISION door is exceptional burglar proof and obtains all French and European burglar certificates.
Tested and proven with excellent results, Maxivison reduces the threat of burglary and damage caused by storms:
- Strong as iron
- High impact proof
- Fire retardant

In contradiction to current metal shutters, the Maxivision shutter is so light that it operates in the smoothest, easiest and most silent way with a smaller diameter of rolling, makes the product a must for the great in and outdoor applications.

Fire retardant:
The polycarbonate is fire retardant with no flame spread and low toxicity. Maxivison transparent door is worldwide permitted on all airports and subway-stations.

UV-Stabilized and sun resistant:
Maxivision significantly reduces discoloration and minimizes the ageing effect and the UV radiation on indoor shop products caused by sunlight. It remains clear with time.

Easy to assemble:
MAXIVISION, it's manufacturing is due too faster interlocking large polycarbonate elements combined with security aluminium tubing.
Thanks to this construction principle, MAXIVISION also can be installed in most existing structures.
Moreover, the small diameter of rolling and the comparable action with a steel safety shutter makes the product extremely suitable to build in.
In contrast with current shutters, the Maxivision transparent shutter can be repaired easily. If one or two links should get damaged as yet, they can be easily replaced.
The easy assembling is saving production time and therefore money.

Recycling and smooth:
The Maxivision polycarbonate mixture is considered to be recyclable according to European standards. If necessary, the Maxivision transparent shutter, can be reformed into other and non transparent articles.
The flat surface of MAXIVISION is easy to clean with water and resist to chemical products. The corrosion effect has any impact on MAXIVISON.

Maxivision Transparent Security Roller Shutters is available at Fathalla Industries, Charles Helou, Beirut, Lebanon.
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