Fathalla Industries Sectional Industrial Residential Doors

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Fathalla Industries Sectional Industrial Residential Doors
-Wide range of powder coating colors with excellent resistance to outdoor conditions and excellent colour retention that meets the requirements.
-Possibility of manual or motorized operation.

1. Adjustable torsion springs is a reinforced steel spring used for better balance of door held by reinforced steel shaft.
2. Galvanized steel metal HInges industrial type 2 mm thick.
3. L-frame, ensure the structure of the whole door is stronger, easier to install.

-Built-in LED light
-Release lock
-Limit switches
-Power regulating
-Possibility of discontinuation at any point
-Silent operation
-Elegant design
-A remote control, button, key selector, keyboard, photocell, flashing, antenna, safety edge etc. can be adapted.

Pedestrian doors: available in a wide range of colors with aluminum perimetric frame, with handle lock and return mechanism in order to ensure that the door always remain closed during operation.
- Built-in: the built-in door can facilitate the crosswalk reducing unnecessary use of the main door especially in industry.
- Non built-in: preferred where the space mounting of the sectional door is large and si not considered.

Windows made of polycarbonate material double glazed with perimetric sealing rubber. Different facets of doors can be constucted. Available in various standard dimensions adding more lighting.

Sectional Industrial Residential Doors is available at Fathalla Industries, Charles Helou, Beirut, Lebanon.
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