Waicon Tri Kolor Stylish Gray Contact Lenses

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Waicon Tri Kolor Stylish Gray Contact Lenses
What are Waicon Trikolor Colored Contact Lenses?
Stay natural with Waicon Trikolor!

Trikolor color contact lenses offers 8 natural looking shades inspired by nature. Each of the colors has a unique subtle print transforming your eyes giving you the extraordinary shades of gray, blue, brown, hazel, and green.

Comfort is always key before style and with Waicon Trikolor, the micropigmentation technique will guarantee the quality and safety of all contact lens wearers. Waicon Trikolor is one amongst the brands of color contact lenses who does the print on a layer covered by another layer ensuring dye won't have a direct contact with your iris.

What are the popular colors offered by Waicon Trikolor?
The collection of Waicon Trikolor is consist of 8 dazzling natural shades namely, Blue, Stylish Brown, Dark Green, Stylish Gray, Green, Gray, Hazel, and Blue Gray.

You can never be wrong with brown eyes and no wonder why the colors Hazel and Stylish Brown are the bestsellers. If you want to achieve a gorgeous hint of gray shade, you can experiment and compare the Gray, Stylish Gray and Blue Gray.

Of course, you can try the full collection to discover how it can change your look in just a blink of an eye
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