Blatt Boutique Playing Cat and Leaves Platter

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Blatt Boutique Playing Cat and Leaves Platter
Artisanal tiles and products made of sustainable materials from the MENA region.

Inspired by their surrounding, Egyptian Oasis Communities find themselves depicting their natural surrounding elements through abstract drawings using natural occurring colors and oxides to give life to their depictions. Their landscapes are full of vegetation and wild life which are represented in their illustrations. The two main materials from Egypt currently displayed at Blatt Boutique are salt and terracotta which are exhibited as tiles, interior finishes and tableware. These items were worked on in collaboration with 4 local artisans - Nabil, Ibrahim, Rawiya and Ragab.

A centerpiece flat Platter for living room or kitchen

L: 28 cm x W: 28 cm x H: 4 cm

Playing Cat and Leaves Platter is available at Blatt Boutique in Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon.
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