LGB Burglary Insurance

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LGB Burglary Insurance
Home is where the heart is. Protect your property with the Home Insurance Plan, and guarantee a safe roof over your head. While life will always find a way to break your heart, we, hopefully, will always find a way to mend it.

Coverage: The Home Plan is the insurance program which takes into consideration the specific needs of both homeowners and tenants, providing outstanding protection against material damage resulting from:
- Fire
- Burglary (as a result of breaking and entering)
- Lightning
- Explosion
- Aircraft or vehicle impact
- The coverage includes neighbor's liability for homeowners and both landlord's and neighbor's liability for tenants

The Home Plan covers properties up to:
- $650,000 for homeowners
- $150,000 for tenants

Burglary Insurance is available at all Lebanon and Gulf Bank LGB branches across Lebanon.
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