LGB Saudi Riyal Card

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LGB Saudi Riyal Card
Whether you are planning a vacation or a Business Trip, you might want to think about what card to take along. The Saudi Riyal Card is especially designed to deliver the Saudi experience withthe Exclusive VISA Signature Benefits and payment flexibility in the Saudi Riyal currency. Live the Saudi Experience with the Saudi Riyal Card.

- Card type: VISA Signature
- Card Currency: Saudi Riyal
- Validity: 2 years
- Card limit starting SAR 40,000
- Applied Rates
- ATM Rate on cash withdrawal 2.25%
- POS Rate on all purchases 2.0%
- Installment Options: ranging from 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%,50%, up to 100%

Saudi Riyal Card is available at all Lebanon and Gulf Bank LGB branches across Lebanon.
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