BLF Kafalat Basic Loan

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BLF Kafalat Basic Loan
These loans are provided for productive projects in the tourism, agriculture, industry, traditional crafts and high technology sectors in which Kafalat guarantee represents 75%.

General conditions
financing up to 100% of the project cost (projects in the tourism, agriculture, industry, manufacture and high technologies sectors),
purchase of machinery and equipment (these can be new or used),
purchase of raw materials and spare parts,
construction costs (however, the loan should not be exclusively used to cover construction costs),
working capital,
guarantee: Kafalat guarantees up to 75% of the loan amount.

Loan characteristics
loan amount: from LBP 4 million to LBP 300 million,
loan period: up to 7 years,
grace period: from 6 to 12 months (on capital and interests),
interest rate: 40% of the 1-year Lebanese Treasury Bills Yield (TBY's) + 3%,
interest rates subsidized by the Central Bank: up to 4.5% over a maximum period of 7 years,
Kafalat commission: 2.5% of the value of the Kafalat guarantee + 3 fiscal stamps (a fee that is charged once),
downpayment: to be determined according to the project; maximum financing can reach 100% (in case of development of an existing activity),
client contribution: set in accordance with the project, funding of the project may reach 100% (in case of developing an existing activity).

beneficiaries: individuals and all types of economic entities registered in Lebanon,
refinancing is not allowed,
real estate is excluded,
the business activity has to take place in Lebanon.

Kafalat Basic delegation
for loans less or equal to LBP 75 million provided for productive projects in tourism, agriculture, industry, traditional crafts and high technology fields,
Kafalat guarantees 70% of the value of the loan rather than 75%,
requires the approval of Banque Libano-Francaise Committee after which Kafalat will issue the loan guarantee, a fast and efficient process.

Kafalat Basic Loan is available at all Banque Libano Francaise BLF branches across Lebanon.
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