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BLF Platinum Cash Card
Would you like to have access to your accounts, withdraw cash, or make purchases at any merchant at all times in the easiest way possible? Banque Libano-Francaise offers you the Cash Platinum card!

With the Cash Platinum card, you can settle your purchases or withdraw cash, in Lebanon or abroad, while making sure not to exceed your account balance.

General conditions
type: direct debit card
brand: MasterCard
currency: a multi-currency card linked to a LBP and/or USD account
validity: 3 years, automatically renewable
usage: in Lebanon or abroad, on POS and ATMs

Card limits
monthly limit: USD 4,000 for POS payments + USD 4,000 for ATM withdrawals
daily purchase limit: USD 4,000 subject to available funds
daily cash withdrawal limit: USD 1,000 subject to available funds

Standard card fees
annual subscription: USD 30
card replacement fee: USD 10
Point Sms: free of charge (mandatory)

ATM withdrawal charges
BLF Point Cash ATM: USD 0/transaction
SGBL ATM: USD 0.5 or LBP 1,500/transaction
other ATMs in Lebanon or abroad: 1.5% with a minimum of USD 5/transaction

Card advantages
optional annual subscription to the VIP Priority Pass: USD 50 and airport lounges visit fees: USD 27/person
above all, the more you use your BLF card* to pay for your purchases in Lebanon and abroad, the more you will collect points that will allow you to cash in reward money! With BLF, the more you spend, the more you earn!

*Customers who benefit from free cards will not be entitled to cash back even if it is mentioned in the SMS sent to them each month at the end of the cycle.
Furthermore, Revolving cards used as Charge cards (reimbursement at the end of the cycle), will receive Cash Back after paying the Charge card's price.

Platinum Cash Card is available at all Banque Libano Francaise BLF branches across Lebanon.
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