Bankmed Home Loan

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Bankmed Home Loan
Find your perfect home with Bankmed's multiple financing plans, perfectly designed to meet your needs.

- Speedy Approval: In-principle approval within 48 hours (as long as the provided information is complete and correct)
- Minimum Down Payment: -For resident-Lebanese citizens: 25%
-For non-resident Lebanese: 25%
- Tenor: Between 5 and 20 years
- Grace Period: Up to 12-month grace period for the principal amount only or the principal amount + the interest rate
- Variable Interest Rate: Beirut Reference Rate in USD: BRR + 1% with a floor rate of 7% annually
- File Fees: Minimum 0.25% up 1% of the loan amount or minimum USD250 whichever is greater

Home Loan is available at all Bankmed branches across Lebanon.
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