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Achrafieh · Beirut
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Orkin Achrafieh is located in Achrafieh Street, Beirut, Lebanon


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A Pest Control Partner You Can Trust
Lebanon’s sun-drenched coast, glittering cities and mild Mediterranean weather make it a haven for more than just travelers and residents. Pests also swarm to the souks, cafes and grottoes, and can threaten your business’s reputation and success. You need a pest control provider you can trust to manage your pest issues quickly and effectively, so you can say “marhaba” to customers and “goodbye” to pests.

Orkin was founded in 1901 by Otto Orkin, a 14-year-old immigrant from Latvia who sold rat control door to door in the United States. Otto’s first office opened in Richmond, Virginia in 1912, and he soon expanded to other cities in the U.S.
Orkin’s dedication to customer service has been part of the company from the start. Otto knew his customers personally, and prided his company on building trusted relationships as well as a reputation for pest control excellence.
Today, Orkin focuses on providing the same level of high-quality service. Orkin has grown to be one of the largest and best-known pest control providers in the world. Owned by Rollins, Inc., Orkin serves 1.7 million customers through more than 400 locations on five continents.

Orkin offers unparalleled service and experience in providing environmentally responsible, proven pest control solutions. We lead the industry in entomological research and technology, and our pest specialists are expertly trained so you can be sure your Orkin Man™ is the best qualified to protect your business from pests.

Since even one pest sighting can damage your business’s reputation, we focus on stopping pest problems before they start. We adhere to the latest best practices in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which starts with non-chemical approaches to prevent pests from infesting your business.

Discover why more than 1.7 million customers around the world trust us with their reputations and pest control needs. Call your Orkin Lebanon Team today to schedule a free inspection.

Common Pest Threats
Pests can damage your business’s reputation or carry diseases that can threaten your customers’ health. Learn more about the biology and behavior of common pests and how to control them.

Lebanon’s pests are as diverse as the geography. Fortunately, Orkin is well versed in the pest-specific knowledge and treatments you need to combat any of the following.
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