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Beirut Souks · Beirut
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Kababji Beirut Souks is located in Beirut Souks Downtown, Saad Zaghloul Street, Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut Souks
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Yarob Badr
Yarob Badr

Light and spicy sandwich with tabbouleh and Airan are excellent.

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Kababji is a health conscious brand committed to offering healthy and soulful food through quality ingredients and ethical cooking

Opened in 1993, our first Kababji branch in Jounieh was an instant success. A new delightful & traditional approach to fresh and flavorful Lebanese food. We are known for our variety of cooking methods from Lebanese grills, an open kitchen to charcoal grill and a brick oven set up with an emphasis on product freshness, healthy cooking and advanced hygiene standards.

Today, our concept appeals to the modern health-conscious consumers who are increasingly demanding tasty and light food accompanied with a fast yet pleasant service.


At Kababji, our mission is simple: we strive to give a delightful experience! We cater to ensure healthy and delicious food all the way to your doorsteps. Our aim is to redefine and fulfill new taste sensations with carefully developed recipes that appeal to all tastes. We are proud to introduce the concept of “pleasure eating”; a concept that will trigger your taste buds.

We welcome active participation from all fans, however we reserve the right to ban members and delete posts if found foul or inappropriate. In case of inquiries, we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.
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