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Zokak El Blat · Beirut
Bakery Shops
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Ichkhanian Zokak El Blat is located in Zoughbi Building, Hussein Beyhum Street, Beirut, Lebanon
Zokak El Blat
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Foursquare tips

Ribal Slim
Ribal Slim

And the lady is very sweet but beware

Ribal Slim
Ribal Slim

The place is very cozy and the food is amazing have to try because if you don't your missing out.


Authentic la7m 3ajeen.. In an alley in sarai street... Must try

Malek J.
Malek J.

Don't try to piss off the multi- task Armenian woman !

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Yeghia Ichkhanian was born in the city of Aintab, known for being populated by Armenians in the past. His ultimate dream was to introduce the traditional Armenian culinary art of Aintab to Beirut, his second home, where he, his family and friends resided.

And the journey began in 1946, when Yeghia opened a bakery in the neighborhood of Zokak El Blatt in the Lebanese capital. His wife Arousiag had to sell her golden bracelet – a dear wedding present - to finance the opening of the family business. A sentimental investment that paid off, fueled by Yeghia’s passion for cooking and baking as well as by the continuous improvements he made to his bakery.

The founder’s will of preserving traditional culinary practices passed to his son, Jean Ichkhanian, who continued making delicious “lahmadjouns”, bread and “choereg” with the same enthusiasm as his father, earning the bakery an excellent reputation among Armenians and locals alike. And when Jean passed away in 1984, his wife Azad took the lead, carrying the family tradition and further developing the business by introducing new traditional recipes and opening a catering facility.

Today, Ichkhanian Bakery has two branches: the Zokak El Blatt branch in Beirut managed by Azad Ichkhanian, and the Jal el Dib branch managed by Elie Ichkhanian, the son of Jean.

For almost seven decades and counting, the neighboring streets of the Ichkhanian Bakery have been blessed with the delicious smell of “lahmadjoun”. The goal of the bakery remains unshaken: to make great-tasting “lahmadjoun” pastries that not only customers love, but also seek exclusively at Ichkhanian Bakery.

There is no secret recipe, just a traditional pastry made with a lot of love, sizzled with a squeeze of lemon, and rolled to perfection for an unforgettable taste!

Easy, simple, healthy and above all delicious!

Anoush ella!
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