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Machmouchi Bros provides the best refrigerators including Hitachi Fridge 27ft in Tarik El Jdideh Beirut, Lebanon.

Inverter x Dual Fan Cooling
Eco Thermo Sensor
Touch Screen Controller
Nano Titanium Filter
Moldproof Door Gasket
Tempered Glass Shelves

A true scientific breakthrough, only Hitachi's unique Vacuum Compartments is capable of preventing the necessary vitamins, amino acids and DHA in foods from oxidizing. Which means your food will always be kept in optimum condition.

Optimum Temperature In Vacuum Compartment
The Vacuum Compartment with an Optimum Temperature setting of approximately -1C/+1C can be adjusted to suit the type of food and amount of CO2 present in the fridge. Together with the Sub-zero Mode and Chiller Mode in the Vacuum Compartment, food items can be stored for longer without freezing. This ensures that the food items will not lose its original taste and texture.

Energy Saving Technology
Following Hitachis continual efforts in pioneering green initiatives, this fridge has an array of the latest technological advantages that thrives towards a sustainable environment. With the introduction of a Dual Fan Cooling System, the cooling process is much faster. Together with the Advanced Frost Recycling Cooling, high-efficiency Compressor and Insulation system, this refrigerator is able to run effectively with greatly reduced electricity consumption.

Convenient Eco Intelligent Control
With Hitachis Eco Intelligent Control, which gives you a choice of energy-saving modes most suitable for your lifestyle, you can now save on electricity bills with less energy wastage. The new Travel Mode will also put your mind at ease when the whole family travels overseas for long periods of time. In addition to the Energy Saving Mode, Dual Fan and Frost Recycling Cooling, this refrigerator has reached an unprecedented level of eco capability.

Bigger Capacity Refrigerator With Easy Storage
This refrigerator comes with a flexible storage capacity of approximately 722-litres. The newly designed one-piece Tempered Top-Glass Shelf increased storage capacity in the Refrigerator Compartment to approximately 363-litres. With more space you can easily store larger items and more food neatly. The thicker shelves can also bear much heavier loads than before.

Perfect Moisture Vegetable Compartment
The Vegetable Compartment of approximately 126-litres capacity which is equivalent to 4.1 shopping baskets has upper and lower layers that are perfect for storing the vegetables easily and neatly within. By using the Flap for separate chilling during Frost Recycling Cooling, moist cool air from the frost are sent to the compartment, enabling vegetables to retain its original moisture level and suppress dryness even after a long storage period. The Temperature Sensor detects and controls the temperature to maintain the ideal atmosphere.

Freezer Compartment
With a large capacity of approximately 206-litres which is equivalent to 5 shopping baskets, storage of large items is so much easier. All your items can also be stored neatly and retrieved easily.

Hitachi Fridge 27ft is available at Machmouchi Bros in Tariq El Jdideh, Beirut Lebanon


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Hitachi Fridge 27ft