Heavy Duty Server Racks (Max Load 1500 KGS)

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  • Heavy Duty Server Racks (Max Load 1500 KGS)
  • Heavy Duty Server Racks (Max Load 1500 KGS)
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Product Specifications:
- Comply ANSI/EIA;RS-310-D, DIN41491;IEC297-2;DIN41494; PART7; GB/T3047.2-92 standard; compatible with 19in international standard, metric system and ETSI standard.
- Fourteen-Folds profiled welded frame (patent)
- Static loading capacity 1500 Kg.
- High density hexagram-hole front and rear door, providing larger opening room compared with coordinative round hole, increasing the opening room of the door by 20% and ensuring inhalation and ventilation for natural air, meeting all requirements on ventilation.
- Front glass door with single or double design is 5mm toughened safety glass inlayed in a metal frame and double open vented rear door, ventilation rate is more than 75%.
- Large internal installation capacity, elegant exterior appearance, excellent craftsmanship, precise measurements, preferable international advanced server cabinets.
- Surface treatment: degreasing, pickling, phosphate, powder coating.
- Material: high-quality SPCC cold rolled steel.
- Thickness: mounting profile 2.0mm, other 1.2~1.5mm
- Optional plinth for fixing cable entry and imputing natural air on bottom panel and rat-prevention.
- Easily removable front and rear door and side panels.
- A flexible combination of vented doors with glass doors or steal plain doors.
- Color: Black
- Doors could be two parts or three parts structure.
- Vertical wire manager with hinges for all 80 width cabinets.
- Castors and feet installed at the bottom, easy to fix and move.
- Packaging flat or assembled.

Ordering Information:
HS 600 Width Series:
Model , Order Code (W*D*H)
- 32U , SR3260100; 600*1000*1600
- 37U , SR3760100; 600*1000*1800
- 42U , SR4260100; 600*1000*2000
- 47U , SR4760100; 600*1000*2200

HS 800 Width Series:
Model , Order Code (W*D*H) , Order Code (W*D*H) , Order Code (W*D*H):
- 32U , SR328080; 800*800*1600 , SR3280100; 800*1000*1600 , SR3280120; 800*1200*1600
- 37U , SR378080; 800*800*1800 , SR3780100; 800*1000*1800 , SR3780120; 800*1200*1800
- 42U , SR428080; 800*800*2000 , SR4280100; 800*1000*2000 , SR4280120; 800*1200*2000
- 47U , SR478080; 800*800*2200 , SR4780100; 800*1000*2200 , SR4780120; 800*1200*2200

Product Code and description:
- SRFU4LN8; Fan Unit with 4 Fans for 800 depth
- SRFU4LN10; Fan Unit with 4 Fans for 1000 depth
- SRFU4LN12; Fan Unit with 4 Fans for 1200 depth

Side Panels:
Product Code and description:
- VSD428; Vented Side Panels for 800 depth
- VSD4210; Vented Side Panels for 1000 depth
- VSD4212; Vented Side Panels for 1200 depth

Product Code and description:
- SRSS8; Sliding Shelf for 800 depth
- SRSS10; Sliding Shelf for 1000 depth (75 cm)
- SRSS12; Sliding Shelf for 1200 depth
- CANSHLF30; 19in Cantilever Shelf 35cm 1U
- SRKT; Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf for Keyboard and Mouse
- SRFS8; Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf for 800 depth
- SRFS10; Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf for 1000 depth
- SRFS12; Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf for 1200 depth
- DRW2U-LCK; 19in Drawer 350 depth w/lock

Assorted accessories:
Product Code and description:
- Castorstop; 2in Castors with brakes
- CABBRUSH; Brush For cable entry
- CABLGTLED; LED Light for cabinet 3W no Heat dissipation
- CABLIGHT; Light for cabinet 8W
- CBLTRY; Cable Tray 10 cm width for Cabinets 47/42U
- Screws&Nuts; Screws and Nuts (Pack of 50)

Blank Panels:
Product Code and description:
- BLNK PNLV; Blank Panel 1/2/3/4/5U Vented
- BLNK PNL; Blank Panel 1/2/3/4/5U

Computer Accessories including Heavy Duty Server Racks (Max Load 1500 KGS) is available at Triple Com Antelias, Metn, Lebanon.

Heavy Duty Server Racks (Max Load 1500 KGS) is available at Triple Com in Antelias, Metn Lebanon


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Heavy Duty Server Racks (Max Load 1500 KGS)