Haix Black Eagle Athletic 10 Mid Desert

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  • Haix Black Eagle Athletic 10 Mid Desert
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Assi For Hunting provides the best hiking shoes including Haix black eagle athletic 10 mid desert in Jounieh, Keserwan, Lebanon.
Soldiers spend many hours on their feet and expose their muscles and joints to immense strains. HAIX's Athletic Desert boots alleviate these problems and help to reduce pressure on the spine. The beige Black Eagle Athletic 10 Mid Desert features a special midsole and inlay which cushions your weight. This also generates a rebound effect with every step you take, so you save energy.
The outsole of the Black Eagle Athletic 10 Mid Desert is completely waterproof and protects your feet against the heat and the cold. Your feet will always feel comfortable, both in hot conditions and in the rain.
Pain will be a thing of the past, even if you wear your boots all day long. A special plastic layer within the sole ensures that you will not be troubled by uneven surfaces strewn with objects such as rubble and branches.


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Haix Black Eagle Athletic 10 Mid Desert