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Verdun · Beirut
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Goodies Verdun is located in Verdun Main Street, Beirut, Lebanon


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Also available in : Beirut Airport · Verdun

Ratings & Reviews

Rating Breakdown
Total 4
Service 4
Value 4
Cleanliness 4
Availability 4
Variety 5
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Foursquare tips

Nouf R
Nouf R

You can find everything here.. I recommend their shawarma

Col Webster
Col Webster

Excellent lunch place for noodles and salmon.

Mohammad Maghraby
Mohammad Maghraby

They have nice fruits and fresh juice.

Their daily is always special; but look out for Sayadieh day.. that should be gr8. Don't forget to get your espresso their too!.

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When it's that Good, it's Goodies...

Goodies has created it’s own concept in the delicatessen field and has developed itself into a leader in quality products and services with a mission to spread its food and service heritage around the globe.

A thriving family heritage since 1880 , Goodies is a delicatessen shop enriched with the tradition of the Halwany family in the food industry,which has been handeled down through generations.

It maintained its quality and freshness to set the highest standards in the field of gourmet food.

The shop contains different sections from daily hot dishes ,appetizers , desserts , freshly baked bread, oriental sweet, or dairy products, raw meat and chicken, cold cuts, fruits and vegetables and a juicing station.

Goodies personalized services include catering, food arrangements, customized cakes and holiday gift baskets.
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