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Fixed Shelves 19in (inch)

Computer Accessories
from Triple Com
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Product Specifications:
- Material cold rolled steel with black finish
- Required mounting hardware included
- Vented Panel
- Static loading 60 kg
- Surface finish: Degreasing, phosphoric, powder coating.
- Suitable for all 19 racks

Ordering Information:
Product Code and Description:
- WMFS45 Fixed Shelf for 450 mm depth WM
- WMFS50 Fixed Shelf for 500 mm depth WM
- WMFS60 Fixed Shelf for 600 mm depth WM
- WMFS80 Fixed Shelf for 800 mm depth WM
- WMFS90 Fixed Shelf for 900 mm depth WM
- DRFS10-19in 19inFixed Shelf for 960 depth
- DRFS8-19in 19inFixed Shelf for 800 depth
- DRFS6-19in 19inFixed Shelf for 600 depth
- ORFS6 Fixed Shelf for Dual Open rack

Types of Shelves
- Fixed Shelves
- Sliding Shelves
- Drawers

- Material cold rolled steel with black finish
- Required mounting hardware included
- Surface finish: Degreasing, phosphoric, powder coating.
- Suitable for all 19 racks and 10in racks

Sliding Shelves
Sliding shelves allow for easy maintenance of your components right on the shelf, and access to connections and cabling from the front of the rack. Syslink offers several styles of sliding shelves, including low profile, standard and heavy-duty to meet project needs and budgets.

Ordering Information:
Product Code and descritpion:
- DRSSY; Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf
- DRKT; Keyboard sliding shelf
- SRSSZ; Sliding Shelf
- DRW2U-LCK; 19 Drawer 350 depth w/ lock
- SRKT; Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf for Keyboard and Mouse

Syslink Rackmount drawers provide storage where it�s needed. These drawers were designed to fit perfectly in any mSyslink rack and help ensure that installed AV systems are finished with a professional touch.

Fixed Shelves
Syslink products offer a wide range of utility and special-purpose shelves to support your project needs. Models in this section include standard rack mounting or innovative 4-point models that save rackspace and have high weight capacities. Note that unlike some low-quality offerings, most Syslink shelves are partially or fully vented to help maintain cooling airflow.

Ordering Information
Product Code and descritpion:
- FS10in; Fixed Shelf For 10in SOHO Cabinet
- CANSHLF30; 19in Cantilever Shelf 35cm 1U
- WMFSX; Fixed Shelf for WM
- DRFSY; Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf
- DRFSY-19in; 19inFixed Shelf
- SRFSZ; Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf for Server Rack
- ORFS6; Fixed Shelf for Dual Open rack

Computer Accessories including Fixed Shelves 19in (inch) is available at Triple Com Antelias, Metn, Lebanon.


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Fixed Shelves 19in (inch)