Banque Libano Francaise BLF
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Banque Libano Francaise BLF
Banque Libano Francaise BLF
Banque Libano-Française BLF was organized as a joint stock company (SAL) in 1967. Its Head office is located in Beirut Liberty Plaza Building, Hamra District, Beirut, Lebanon.

Banque Libano-Française is one of the leading banks in Lebanon and an important participant in the Lebanese economy.

The Bank provides banking services in five principal areas: commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking, private banking and correspondent banking

Mission and vision

Banque Libano-Française is a Lebanese, universal, highly performing bank, renowned for its professionalism and financial strength.

We aim at being a leading player and a reference in the banking sector in Lebanon.

We are committed to constantly developing our skills to ensure expertise and quality of service, and to maintain and strengthen the trust relationship with:

our clients who see us as a real partner,
our staff to whom we offer opportunities for self-accomplishment and a promising future,
our shareholders who are looking for capital preservation and appreciation,
the Lebanese banking sector by spearheading its drive towards sustainable growth,
the Lebanese economy towards the prosperity of which we are strongly committed.

In addition, we aim at creating shared value while supporting community needs and protecting the environment.


Banque Libano-Française maintains with its audience and stakeholders a partnership that relies on its core values:

• Responsibility • Integrity • Skills • Humanism • Commitment

All these values represent a set of core beliefs which are permanent, steadfast and faithful to our founder’s personality and legacy. These values have made our history, they dictate our present and draw the path to follow in the future. They are reflected in our vision, our strategy, our policy and our proce¬dures. They are transmitted in terms of best practice, setting the behavior standards of our employees.

By spontaneously and constantly applying our values, we are contributing to the unity, the performance, the competitiveness, the sustainability and the visibility of our Bank.


We apply the best practices in our businesses; we do not fear comparison with our competitors; and we accept being judged by our results. We encourage the individual responsibility to guarantee a shared responsibility and train our employees to anticipate and manage the risks, respect their commitments, take full responsibility for their decisions, work in synergy with a constant focus on quality, and evaluate continuously the consequences of their actions.

With the ultimate objective of preserving the assets we are entrusted with and respecting the rules of the regulatory authorities and the international bodies, we support the projects of our clients by taking calculated risks and applying a clear and responsible credit policy aiming at protecting the interests of both the client and the Bank.


Righteousness, loyalty, discipline, reliability and transparency characterize the actions of Banque Libano-Française, which remains true to its reputation as “banker of trust”. Regardless of the difficulty of the situation or the risks of the projects we undertake, we do not compromise on integrity, ethics and deontology and never violate our firm principles. Instead, we consider it an honor to apply them at all time no matter what happens.


Banque Libano-Française is a bank of competences and a benchmark for innovation and financial, technical and technological solutions. We offer a competitive know-how, an advanced expertise and quality services. In order to meet the needs of our clients and to follow the evolution of the markets, we have established a Training Center that provides thousands of hours of annual trainings, and implemented coaching, management and development programs to constantly improve the competences and the knowledge of our employees.


We are well known for the respect, attention, loyalty, and unwavering support we offer to our clients whether in times of prosperity or adversity.

Our human resources represent a vital asset; this is why we ensure their commitment to our vision and corporate values in an atmosphere of respect and equity promoting motivation and fulfillment.

We also aim to create a shared value by supporting the needs of the community and by protecting the environment. We are also actively involved in civil society through a large number of humanitarian, cultural, artistic, social, environmental, entrepreneurial and sports activities.


Our project is based on a commitment towards our stakeholders: clients, employees, shareholders, and the economy of Lebanon. Our Bank has always played a leading role in the development and the expansion of the national economy. It has always believed in the potential and the mission of the Lebanon it continued to serve even in the toughest periods of its history. BLF has successfully contributed to the arranging and financing of important projects in the country, and has actively participated in its reconstruction in the aftermath of war.

Our corporate clients recognize the constant support of BLF which allowed them to maintain and strengthen the economy. Furthermore our numerous activities to support the young entrepreneurs aim to stop Lebanon’s brain drain and to ensure ongoing business continuity.
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