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Crown House helps organizations redefine their workspace to get the best out of their people and space by providing the most innovative and inspiring space

Since 1982, CROWN HOUSE has started a long journey towards excellence. Being one step ahead with the new trends in the field and understanding every aspect of the workplace, we distinguished ourselves as the leaders in office furniture in Lebanon. In 2000, Crown House started expanding to other countries such as: France, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and is now the only Lebanese company in the industry to have branches abroad. We were able to differentiate ourselves by always raising the bar on functionality and artistic distinction with our unique, stylish and inspiring designs as well as by offering a wide range of superior products that provide a healthy workplace. Our team, composed of very professional sales consultants, are trained to help you increase your productivity and to achieve higher levels of success!

Mission: With the booming 21st century, CROWN HOUSE GROUP, strong with the support of its international suppliers and its wide and selective clientele is in continuous search to improve quality, design and comfort. To keep moving ahead, our group is concerned in offering best service under international norms and offering a warm environment at work. We believe that our success is the result of great enthusiasm and determination.

Products: Steelcase - LAS - Dauphin - Lamm - Sitmatic - Trend Office - Bosse - Zuco

Awards: Exclusive Distributorship of Steelcase in Lebanon, Exclusive Distributorship of LAS in KSA
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