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Live Organic
Live Organic SAL is a family owned business committed to building a brand with our conviction in tradition, values, our roots, & our hope for a better world, and a healthier life for us, our children, & the Earth!
The company will work towards this vision by maintaining the strictest quality standards while spreading the “Live Organic” lifestyle through:
Introducing certified organic foods, cruelty-free & organic body care, and eco-friendly household products to the market
Assisting in organic education through its well-informed staff, excellent customer service, and distinctive library
Helping take care of the environment through partnering with organizations to preserve Lebanon’s resources, and participating in community projects & initiatives.
Live Organic SAL launched its first all-organic retail store in New Naccache- Lebanon. It’s the largest certified organic (by IMC) specialty store and the only HACCP certified retailer in Lebanon. The store is unique in terms of

Its exceptional interior design along with the non-toxic and all natural materials used
It being an organic one-stop-shop
Its wide selection of quality products imported from Europe & the Americas, as well as local produce: from organic live produce, organic Meat & Fish, organic bakery, organic grocery, organic dairy products, organic beverages, eco-household products, and cruelty-free & organic personal care products, in addition to educational materials & organic cookbooks, with a coffee shop to enjoy organic beverages and bites.
Its pampered customer experience & customer service, as well as its relaxed environment.
Its initiatives to enrich the community.
Live Organic SAL does not only operate through its warm, friendly lifestyle outlet catering for those who care about their health & the quality of life, but also represent many of the brands it carries as an exclusive agent and distributor in Lebanon and the Middle East.
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