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Halat · Jbeil
ALAKSO SAL, founded in 2000, our industries of 30,000 square meters are strategically located in Halat.

The success of the company is narrowly connected to the quality of its products, its flexibility and its commitment to total satisfaction of the customer. Due to our advanced equipments and our 150 skilled executives, design engineers, experienced fabricators and installers we are able to offer a product perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer and to the requirements of the market.

Due to the different usage and the benefits of aluminum, its application is now rapidly expanding in many areas of our modern lifestyle giving a high level of service to our customers:

Resistance to atmospheric corrosion is what distinguished aluminum, which leads to breaking down of essential properties due to chemical reactions with its surroundings.
Aluminum has the best strength-to-weight ratio than any other used metals.

Because aluminum weighs about one third as much as mild steel, its manufacturing and handling are easier and less costly.
Due to its high acceptance of paint, the range of shades is practically unlimited, making it a simple matter to match any designer's choice of color.

ALAKSO SAL carries out developments and design works, products for the decoration of the external facade buildings, processing and manufacturing, installation engineering and after sales service. In Addition, our company has accomplished many projects undertaken in Lebanon and the Middle East.
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