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The KIAL Kitchens System is a distinctive kitchen made in aluminum and created for the culinary art lovers.These kitchens offer state-of-the art products.

Kial was established in 1995 by Rafic Hage Moussa. Due to consistent product development, competent staff, excellent partners and distributors throughout the Gulf and Middle East. Kial belongs among the best suppliers in its field.

Kial is constantly developing, on the basis of unique design, good quality, high service level and competitive prices.

Kial is a unique kitchen system, created for the culinary art lovers. Their kitchens offer a state of art technique in every possible way.

Kitchens in aluminium carry a refined line of ultra modern designs to suit every idea. A proof of excellency resides in joining simplicity and luxury to satisfy the ultimate taste.

Kial Systems maintains the lead in aluminium kitchen furniture. A huge line of designs is provided to satisfy every culinary art fan.

From one success to another, Kial is proud to present its new series with fresh and modern ideas.
Clean and modern, soft and smooth to touch, designed for comfort. With very high quality and functional design they are also long lasting products.

Kial focuses on the authenticity of its materials. Only authentic materials of the finest quality are used. Their practical and minimalist design accentuates their superiority.

Kial is designed to allow great freedom of use. Lightweight, airy and dynamic, it brings together innovative functions and traditional use, an unprecedented technology of aluminium with glossy thermoplastic material, laminated and glass. It is a professional kitchen for the home chefs who want to experience restaurant style performance within their own four walls. All the layouts adhere to the same principle: generous work tops alongside spacious tall units with efficient, well-planned internal accessories. Simply, a place for everything in your own home.

Our services include the following:

Site Measurements
Kitchen Designs
Delivery and Installation
Product Maintenance
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