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Welcome to the World of Furniture Stores in Lebanon. Home of H

Home of H is leading the Lebanese furniture industry in all furniture and home decor items brands quality, customization, and meeting furniture customer requirement and needs!

Home of H is NOW offering serious specials on all:

Home Furniture: items such as: Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Bedroom sets, Dining sets, Couches, Carpets, Living room sets, All lighting accessories ranging from lamps to Chandeliers.

Home Decor: Carpets at very reduced price for sale, Wall Decoration, Accessories such as vases, Paintings, Wall decoration Accessories, Poufs and Stools.


The H.

H is Happiness. Need we say more?

Yes? Then read on… looking at the flipside

H is a sofa, table, sofa in a visa vie format.

In every home there is an H.

H is the excitement of your first Home, your first House

and your first and last Husband.

H is one of the most commonly used letters across world alphabets.

Really!! Yes, look it up.

H is a friendly letter whose presence signals joy.

Consider it: Happy valentine’s/ Independence Day.

But wait- there is more.

What would cHristmas be without H.? Not much fun let me tell you.

H. is a design stimulating motion and this is not at random, it has meaning, charisma, value, emotion and personality.

To conclude:

H is Happiness, H. is a LIFESTYLE CHOICE.
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