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The "Lime" money transfer card is a reloadable MasterCard prepaid card that provides you with a secure, easy-to-use tool to send money abroad. With this new way of sending money, you will be able to easily manage how, when and whom you send cash to.


For the sender:
You get 2 cards: one card in your name as a sender, and another in the recipient’s name. With this low-cost alternative to money orders or wire transfers, you can deposit money into the card at any branch and it becomes available instantly in the recipient’s card.

For the recipient:
You will receive money instantly, wherever you are and whenever the need arises. You can use the card to withdraw cash 24/7 at more than 1,000,000 ATMs displaying the MasterCard logo worldwide, and make purchases wherever MasterCard card is accepted.

Reloadable, flexible and easy to track:
The “Lime" money transfer card can be reloaded at Bank Audi branches and NOVO ATMs or by signing a schedule loading form. You can use it repeatedly until the expiry date.
You can even check your card balance at any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo, by calling our customer service on: 01-212120, and on our website

Easy to get:
Visit any Bank Audi branch, fill in the application form, provide a copy of your ID, and pay the USD/Euro 10 card fee. You can then load it cash amounts ranging from USD 20 or €20 up to USD 2,500 or €2,000.


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