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A Sign of Prestige and Distinction

Enjoy a higher purchasing power, prestige and convenience all with a card that will sure reflect your lifestyle and meet your financial needs.


More than just a debit card:
- Present your card and get instantly recognized as a preferred customer worldwide.
- Enjoy a higher daily spending limit (which you can set) at merchants' locations and ATMs.
- Shop like never before with the MasterCard PayPass contactless payment feature that allows you to make purchases by simply tapping your card on a secure reader.
- "Chip & PIN" is a technology embedded in each card to make it virtually impossible to copy.
- Accumulate 1 point for every USD 10 you spend on the card and redeem them against valuable gifts from the "Audi Rewards" catalog.
- Each time you use your card, you will receive an SMS notifying you about the transaction's details.
- Enjoy year-round promotions and offers allowing you to benefit from special prizes and exclusive advantages just for using your card.

Additional benefits:
- Make purchases from your Bank Audi current account without having to draw a cheque.
- Spend up to the available balance in your current account.
- Buy goods and services wherever you see the MasterCard logo and withdraw cash at any bank that accepts MasterCard.
- Keep track of transactions made on your current account through Audi Online.
- Enjoy 24-hour ATM access to your accounts.
- Easily manage your cash flow by depositing cash/cheque(s) anytime at Bank Audi ATMs.


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Bank Audi MasterCard 24/7 Gold Debit Card