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Naccache · Metn
Flower Shops


Arome Naccache is located in Khalil Tohme Street, next to Pulp, Naccache, Metn, Lebanon

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Arôme L’Atelier : The ultimate reference in refined and innovative contemporary floral design in Lebanon.

It all started with an impromptu dinner decoration for a very dear friend called Liliane back in early 2001.

“Bertha, you should do the floral arrangements. I know you’ve never done that before for anybody, but this reception is really important to me. I need it to be special and magical,” insisted rightfully Liliane, knowing her longtime friend had what it takes.

Bertha loves to please. She lives to make people happy. So she said yes!
We used our living room as an atelier and started creating from scratch.
We would wake up at 4 in the morning with incredible ideas and turn the whole arrangements around. Back then we were far from imagining the impact that dinner would have. The revelation it would trigger, about how immensely talented an artist Bertha is.

We labeled our creative house Arôme in 2002 and Bertha hasn’t stopped creating ever since, making Arôme the ultimate reference in refined and innovative contemporary floral design in Lebanon.

Arôme is what stays with you.

Designer and Creative director
Berthe Azzi

Founder, Designer & Assistant Creative director
Anwar Azzi

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